He reaches down and pulls open a drawer, taking out the kit he had gotten the gauze from. He places it on the desk. He keeps a watchful eye on the other before bluntly asking. “You’re Sy’s boyfriend aren’t you.

Had it been that obvious? Was it the scar on his neck, or the fact he stopped by somewhat frequently that gave it away? “Yes, I am. My name is Zexion. Are you one of his siblings, or a friend?” He asked and took the first aid kit.


She moved to sit next to him against the wall, taking his explanation in. “Sounds like a dangerous job if you got shot because of it. I’m assuming your boss is a necromancer, or something akin to it?”

He moved over a bit to give himself a bit of space again. “My boss is actually a god, so he is powerful enough to do something like that.”

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There’s a long stubborn pause before he says “Fine.." He begins unwrapping his shoddy bandage. He winces from not being so gentile with it. 

That was better, so he was going to let him help. “Do you have a first aid kit here?”



    “I know that!" He barks at the other, the office getting rather quiet. He then sits back in his chair with a huff. "Not used to having to actually tend to wounds…

"There is no need to take that tone with me." He huffed as well. "I did offer to help you tend to it. I actually know what I’m doing."

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She crouched down so that she was at eye level with him. “You’re gonna have to explain this one to me.”

He sighed and leaned against the wall. “Last year, on the 29th, I was shot in my office. I was dead before I even knew what happened. My boss transferred my soul to another body.”

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sassy—vampire replied to your post “It’s nearly been a year since I died.”

Alina curiously tilted her head at him.

He looked up at her when he sensed she was there.



He grips more of the bandage between his teeth and tugs on it to tighten it, but it was a poor excuse of a wrap. He was the stubborn type to not ask for help, and he wasn’t going to be eager to accept it either. He huffs. “I got it…

Zexion shook his head as he watched the other try and tighten the bandages. Apparently the other was going to be stubborn. “You don’t have that wrapped right by the way.”



    “FUCKING….SHit getting shot really does hurt…." He grips his arm. Doing his job in his current human state was really dragging him down. 

"Being stabbed isn’t any better. As a whole being injured and human, especially if you were originally something else, is unpleasant. Would you like some help with that?"

It’s nearly been a year since I died.

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"Well, don’t you seem charming… Hmhmhmhm…"


Zexion raised an eyebrow at the brunet. That was an odd thing to say on his opinion. “…Good evening.”


There’s a whimper and she tries to scamper away but Zexion had already made it inside. She had tried to make it around a corner but there he was. The cybernetic werewolf’s claws dig at the floor as she skirts to a stop in front of him, staring up at him with opaque green eyes. 

Zexion blinked at the creature that skidded to a stop before him. That was not what he was expecting to see. He took a small step back from the creature. It didn’t seem like it was going to do him harm just yet.

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Classify my character depending on what you have read about them so far, and why.
I think this is a decent choice. I am curious why you picked it though.
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▶ Classify my character depending on what you have read about them so far, and why:



  • Chaotic Good
  • Neutral Good
  • Lawful Good


  • Chaotic Neutral
  • True Neutral
  • Lawful Neutral


  • Chaotic Evil
  • Neutral Evil
  • Lawful Evil
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       ❝ I think.. I entered the 
          wrong building— 

(   stupid colleges and their recommendations. oh Delsin you’re so good at this subject, go here!’, psh.. what a load of bullshit. he didn’t even want to go into business; making a career in archery sounded loads more fun.    )

       ❝ Or should I say I went
          into the correct building
          so I can tell my teacher
          I did..? Yeah, sorry for
          this, mate. 

"That depends on what building you are looking for and why you are looking for it." Zexion replied and sat back in his desk. He completely muted the conference call, so he wouldn’t have to listen to it, and whoever this is couldn’t hear something he shouldn’t. "It’s not wise to lie to your teachers. They tend to ask questions you can’t easily answer when you don’t do what you were supposed to. They could also call whoever you are supposed to see to check if you showed up."

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